Trepidatious and excited…

SOLC #1 – These emotions describe my slice of life today. In actuality, they describe my feelings since I submitted the Participant Information form on February 15th. It would be accurate to state that the intensity of these emotions has only grown as I have been trying to figure out how to set up my WordPress website, what I would might write about, how and where to post daily entries, etc… Obviously, I am a new Slicer and blogger. For over thirty years, I have hand written in journals recording events and pouring out my heart in private . Even now as I look back on the two writing groups that I have recently participated in, being face to face and reading my writing aloud ironically seems more comforting than to share my writing with complete strangers online. While I am trepidatious and excited, this I know to be true – writing has never failed me! Writing has helped me process and organize my thoughts. It has comforted and inspired me and brought out creativity that I didn’t know I had. The act of sharing writing and providing feedback to other people’s writing in a community setting has always proven to be a powerful experience. So… here’s to trying another writing style out and joining the Slice Of Life Writing group!

10 thoughts on “Trepidatious and excited…

  1. I am returning to writing after being away a year so I feel the same way. But lucky for me, I’ve been doing this challenge long enough to know it was a great way to ease back in. As Deb says, Welcome!

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  2. I love how you are so honest about the excitement ( and stress) of trying something new. The hardest part is setting up your blog site, I promise! Now the fun and growth begin. Your heart is already open – “Writing has helped me process and organize my thoughts. It has comforted and inspired me and brought out creativity that I didn’t know I had.” As writing is part of you! Thanks for trying it out and inspiring me.

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  3. Welcome to the Slice of Life Challenge! I hope you find this virtual community supportive and I hope that you enjoy writing in a new medium. I hope you have a good month of writing! I look forward to reading more of your posts.


  4. I enjoyed reading about your thoughts. It is my first time trying the Writing Challenge, and I have been surprised to find that I have been intimidated by the process. I wasn’t sure how to get set up with a blog, where to post my first link, and what in the world to say to strangers. I, too, love to write, and I’ve been eager for feedback, but now that I have the actual chance, I’m a little daunted by the idea. However, like you, I am plunging in and hoping for the best. Good luck with the challenge!


  5. What a wonderful slice. I particularly enjoyed getting to know you in a way that was more subtle – I like your writing style. You embedded a clue about your age when you talked about how long you’ve been writing. I think that’s cool – as opposed to saying I am……(insert age). I love figuring things out about people from their writing. WELCOME to the SOLC!!!! I’ve been doing it for many years and I still get nervous about “going public”. But – know that you are safe here. We are a caring community here for all.


  6. I like your approach to reading stories – figuring things out about authors. I think I will try that too as I leave comments for others. Thanks for the warm welcome. Sharing writing is vulnerable but doing so in a caring writing group does make a difference!


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