Fat Tuesday


When I walked in the house after a long day of work, I immediately inhaled the warm scent of food. Something was just fried on the stove top. As I made my way into the kitchen, I saw my amazing husband putting the finishing touches on a Fat Tuesday meal! I tend not to eat very well on the days that I conduct all day trainings, thus I was starving but the allure of this dinner was more than hunger. Mardi Gras is not a tradition that we celebrate and southern cooking is not in our repertoire of go to family recipes. He neatly plated and served me a dish of cornmeal crusted catfish, grits, red beans and rice and tomato wedges. Then to top it off, he made bananas foster for dessert!

Todd’s culinary creation tonight inspired the following list poem based on the poetry mentor text – I’m Talking Big! by Colin McNaughton.

I'm talking delicious!
I'm talking scrumptious!
I'm talking distinctive, delightful,
Full-flavored and good-tasting.
Appetizing, satisfying, gratifying.
I'm talking palatable, flavorful,
I'm talking impressive!
I'm talking delicious!  



3 thoughts on “Fat Tuesday

  1. I love that you found inspiration from two places for your slice – from a mentor text (a cool poem) AND your husband’s wonderful cooking! I am going to try this out – writing off a mentor text, I mean 🙂 Thank you!!!


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