Fit Bit Nation


Keeping track of data for my first week

Why didn’t it record my stages of sleep?

Steps and badges for reaching my goals

What other features does this watch hold?

Notifications for emails and texts

Does this data make other folks fret?

Rarely ever do I drink enough water

Why does my husband say he created a monster?

I still haven’t recorded the food that I eat

If I do, will my experience be more complete?

I charge my watch daily while taking a shower.

How can I take 250 steps every hour?

My Fit Bit Versa is a gift to explore

Can I figure out how to make it do more?

2 thoughts on “Fit Bit Nation

  1. I have an old school Fitbit – your title grabbed me immediately! It can be overwhelming – all of this data that we get, right?!? I enjoyed your slice – it’s lighthearted, yet serious at the same time.


  2. I like that this poem had a rhyme scheme. It kept it light and easy to read. All of that data can be a lot of deal with, but you come to terms with what you find interesting. Just like anything, you get used to. I hope you like it!


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