Blended Families

SOLC #9 – A colleague of mine shared the gist of a podcast he listened to and thought I would like it and.. I do! Shout out to Clancy!

The etymology of the noun step, as in step-mom, originally meant mother of an orphan. At a time when divorce was not as common, step-parents were basically grief parents. Over the years the word evolved to mean relationships through marriage. The sweetest version Clancy heard and knew I would appreciate it is idea that a step-parent is a bonus parent.

Todd and I have been married for a year and a half. We brought three kids each into this marriage – a version of the Brady Bunch with a cat instead of a dog but no maid! Our kids range in age from 21-11. Because five out of our six children are teenagers/ young adults, and we have shared parenting plans, kiddos are coming and going from our home all the time. We love it! Even with schedules that we record and organize, on our large white board calendar in the kitchen, plans are ever changing. We have enough space, beds and food to accommodate our six plus more.

We are intentional about how we blend this family. It is our whole-hearted belief that all of our lives are enriched with the addition of siblings and parents. We plan whole group activities, as well as time alone with our own kids. Discipline is done by biological parents. I could go on with our parenting philosophy, but the bottom line is we celebrate and are so thankful for this family that we are creating. I love the concept of bonus – it describes the disposition we have in our family.

To all the bonus parents in the SOLC community – cheers to you and your precious families!


6 thoughts on “Blended Families

  1. Of all the slices I’ve ever read I don’t think I’ve ever read one on this topic. I really appreciate that! Your concept (or Clancey’s) of Bonus Parent is beautiful. I will take that and remember it in the future.

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  2. Glad you are celebrating life together. I think one of the greatest challenges to the notion of step-anything comes from literature, TV, movies, etc. Most cultural references have step meaning ‘less than’ and it isn’t helpful for those living with the reality. Always happy for positive versions!


  3. The Brady Bunch-! I haven’t thought about them in ever so long. I only recently heard the phrase “bonus babe” used by a lady who married a man with a daughter, and I found that so wonderful and welcoming. Families are made on such as this, indeed! The love between you and all yours is very evident. 🙂

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