A parent’s wonder…

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Any ballet dancers in the SOLC community? These are the positions and moves that my youngest daughter Cali is learning. She is new to art of ballet and has been dancing for four short months. Her enthusiasm is evident in her inability to sit or stand still as she is always practicing in the privacy of our home and in public. Most of her peers started before 10 years of age, which is how old Cali was when she began taking lessons. She understands that she will be in class with younger girls until she masters certain skills commensurate for her age group. A challenge that she is aggressively pursuing.

We go to the YMCA every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning for an hour. I watch her for the first 15 minutes, run around the track for a half hour and then return to her class to watch the last 15 minutes. I am in awe every time I observe her. She has made so much progress since November. There’s something about watching your kids do activities as a parent, isn’t there? Do you know the feeling and emotions I am referring to?

I had this wonder, when I nursed each of my three children in the wee hours of the morning, What activities and talents would we be driving you to, watching you, cheering you on and admiring some day? Each of them have chosen and achieved success in vastly different hobbies and passions than myself.

Aidan sings sacred and classical music in a select choir in college and has a propensity for learning multiple languages.

Madison tore up the field in soccer and bounded her way through gymnastics. Now she uses her eye for fashion in her online clothing business.

Calista, well you know that she is dancing now, but she also rides horses western style.

While I enjoy the fact that my children look like me, (Yes, my version of the mini-me syndrome.) I relish more in the fact that their talents are so wildly different than my own. It is one of the many magnificent privileges of being a parent – seeing your offspring come into their own. I am impressed with my children and the answers to my nursing wonders as their lives unfold before me!


4 thoughts on “A parent’s wonder…

  1. Yes, I find great pleasure in watching my children be successful in life. I see reflections of myself and of my husband in them even though they are each unique and not at all like either of us. They bless me by living their lives.


  2. It’s so neat how you brought that wonder from so many years ago when you were nursing your young babies all the way to present day and how your kids are lighting the world on fire! Congrats on a job well done!!!

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  3. I was a dancer growing up, so all of those words caught my attention. I was hoping that you were going to talk about dance! My daughter is 8 months old, and I often wonder what passions she will have when she gets older.


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