Fit Bit Nation update

SOLC #12

Five days I wrote a poem about my new Fit Bit watch. I had a lot of questions then, and I am happy to report that I have more answers now. My updates and comments are seen in italics embedded within my original poem.

Keeping track of data for my first week

Why didn’t it record my stages of sleep?

If my watch in not on the right part of my wrist while I sleep, it won’t record. Getting enough sleep is difficult for me.

Steps and badges for reaching my goals

I have earned five step badges so far! Woot! Woot!

What other functions does this watch hold?

I found various health related articles s connected to the data my watch records. I also discovered some workout routines that I can do on the days I don’t run.

Notifications of emails and texts

Does this data make other folks fret?

Not sure about this one still, but there is a community option on my dashboard that I want to examine.

Rarely ever do I drink enough water

Based on my data collection, I realized I wasn’t drinking water until late morning. Now I start drinking earlier in the day and have drank 75 oz consistently for the last five days.

Why does my husband say he created a monster?

He actually laughs when I report my successes to him and appreciates that I love my birthday gift.

I still haven’t recorded the food that I eat

If I do, will my experience be more complete?

Yes, my experience will be more complete when I know how many calories I am taking in and expending through exercise, but I am ok with not starting that monitoring process yet. After SOLC!

I charge my watch daily while taking a shower.

How can I take 250 steps every hour?

While I have been increasing my steps, I haven’t reached this goal. Meeting days are harder than when I am training.

My Fit Bit Versa is a gift to explore

Can I figure out how to make it do more?

Happily, I am figuring out how to do more with my watch. Analyzing health data and is eye opening and motivating. I would have never purchased one on my own. Such a thoughtful and insightful gift from my husband, as it has become of way of ensuring that I am taking care of myself.


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