Last Band-aid

SOLC #13

Beth Moore’s Storytelling vs. Band aids post was very thought provoking and telling. How did I miss the word – story – in the title of our month long challenge? I, literally, had to go back and look. Yup! The word story is definitely in all of the information regarding March’s SOLC.

As a first time slicer, it has been challenging to write daily. (And I am proud that I have done so! ) I have been true to the slice of life concept and written about moments or thoughts that occurred during my life each day, but not necessarily in a narrative format!

I appreciate that Beth said band-aids are ok, once in a while, but “the real challenge is to write a story every day”. Hmmmmm, I had to scratch my head and think about how I missed that important distinction.

Heck! I had to look up the definition of blogging when I was contemplating participating in SOLC! Blogging is a type of literature, admittedly that I normally don’t even read. I understood the definition to be online journaling. This is how I have been approaching the challenge.

Double heck!! I just lead a professional development training on modes of writing. Can you believe it?! I presented, discussed and worked with teachers on the components of narrative writing and how it differs from information/explanatory, opinion and argument.

Thanks Beth for clarifying and upping the challenge to be story writing every day. Signing off from my last band-aid…


2 thoughts on “Last Band-aid

  1. It’s really ok to write a poem or an account of something you are thinking about for a slice. I believe that the challenge is not rigid or judgy! I do think that the post on Bandaids made me think of teachers of writing and how teachers do a lot of bandaids and prompted writing without teaching the art of creating a story with a beginning, middle, and end.


  2. We all have different kinds of writing that fit with us each day. Sometimes my story comes in the form of a list or poem. Sometimes it looks more like a traditional story. Every story is a little different. I hope you are successful in finding yours!


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