Quiet enough to hear…

SOLC #14

Up early before both of the boys this morning. My normal order of operations was completely rearranged due to an early morning commute. I hopped out of bed, fully awake and immediately intent on preparing for the day as quietly as possible so as not to disturb the guys during their last sleeping moments.

What am I going to wear with my black and white striped shirt?

Remember to pack your make up by so you can get ready once you connect with Susan.

When can I get my contacts from the optometrist? Oh yes, I can get them on the way to ballet.

And, I could grab a new pair of tights for Cali right after that at Target.

Maybe I will see some of my colleagues from other school districts at today’s meeting. I bet I will see Lisa from North Mason.

Hmmmmm, I have never parked at the Kingston Marina lot. Maybe I should try to leave a few minutes before I planned to make sure I get a good spot.

These thoughts and more filled my mind as I showered, dressed and fixed my hair. It may have been quiet but inside my head, it was busy and loud.

After selecting my black pencil skirt and the trendy sandals that Madison gave me, I plopped myself on our white painted, white cushion up-cycled bench at the end our bed. This is my favorite DIY project that Todd and I have worked on so far. I was doubled over, with my chest entirely prone on my lap wrestling with the buckles of my sandals. I hope that my shirt doesn’t get wrinkled while I attach these darn straps!

Suddenly, the sound of Blaise’s rap music playing in the bathroom down the hall interrupted the plethora of random thoughts racing through my brain. Simultaneously, the whirring of the coffee grinder downstairs added to the sounds that jolted me from listening only to the voice in my head.

For a moment, my mind was calm and quiet enough to hear the morning sounds of the Beuke house.

For moment, I enjoyed the silence of my thoughts and listening to the combination of sounds surrounding me.

It was a brief moment though.

Freeze frame. This reminds me of a movie scene that I saw once.

Oh yeah, I want to wear that black and white flower necklace with this shirt. That will look classy. I hope it still has the extension link on it.

And… off I went moving as fast as the ideas traveling through my grey matter on the way downstairs and out the door.


4 thoughts on “Quiet enough to hear…

  1. Whoa, what a detailed slice of your morning! You showed your readers the chaos of getting ready for work and all the sounds of your family as they wake and motivate! Lovely


  2. Whew you had a lot going on in your head. The pace of your narration skidded to a halt when the other sounds of the house hit you. Then it picked right back up again. It was nice to take a moment to breathe, like you did, when we got out of your head.


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