Mission Accomplished

SOLC #16

After ballet practice, we had two errands. Time was of the essence, as other events awaited us this afternoon. First, the Dollar Store to get decorations for 5th grade outdoor ed. camp and St. Patrick’s Day. Second and lastly, Trader Joe’s to purchase food for both of these events.

It was particularly busy at TJ’s. Originally, I had the list, which is located on my phone and Cali was pushing the cart. Narrow aisles and the need to manuerve prompted Cali to request a switch of grocery story responsibilities. We were clipping along when she asked if she could get some lentil chips located on the very bottom of a shelf. Being that she has a host of food allergies, I am pretty lenient when it comes to her requests for items not on our grocery list. She bent down to grab a bag with the phone stylus we use to check our list off with in her hand. No sooner had the words come out of my mouth, “Be careful not to drop my stylus” – did she do just that. An immediate, “Oh no!” was emphatically uttered. “Where did it go?” she asked. Cali’s hand slid along the edge of the bottom shelf. She looked at me with panicked eyes, then knelt down and literally slipped her head into the bottom shelf. I bent down with her. As she searched with her hand, I anticipated that the stylus had slipped between the shelf bottom and edge into a space under the entire unit that where we would never be able to retrieve it. “I touched it! It’s right here but I can’t get it out!” This is when we went into full rescue mode. Forget the tiny aisles filled with people. I have no idea what a traffic jam we might have caused, but we didn’t even considerate it. I removed the plastic holder with the price tag and item description, then pulled on the metal edge. “I need something to lodge it out with,” she stated. I quickly grab the car keys. After pulling, pushing, sliding and prying for several minutes, she managed to pop the stylus out of the groove it was in along with a huge amount of dust bunnies. We smiled at each other with relief. Up we popped from the ground. With the stylus tucked away in the phone and everything on our grocery list (plus more), we headed to the check out stand.


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