Writing = Peace

SOLC #17

It was a great weekend!

Friday night – We started by attending a Dueling Pianos concert with a couple from Todd’s middle school.

Saturday – We enjoyed a slow morning which consisted of drinking coffee on the back porch in the warm sunshine and made plans for the day. Accomplishments: ballet practice, errands, chores and an hour long walk. The only bummer was that the UW Huskies lost against Oregon State.

Sunday – We relished another warm morning on the deck, went on a birding walk with Todd’s mom, practiced putting at the golf course and ate a delicious St. Patrick’s Day dinner.

Despite our lovely weekend, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by writing tonight, finalizing my plans for the vocabulary professional development I have in the morning and beginning to pack for 5th grade outdoor ed camp that I am chaperoning this week with Cali.

No creativity at the moment but no apologies. I need to take a deep breath through writing in order to celebrate, gather myself and end my wonderful weekend with the same type of positivity that I experienced the last two days.

Reflective journaling is a form of writing that is comforting and actually brings peace in anxious moments of life. Today, this is my needed slice of life.


2 thoughts on “Writing = Peace

  1. It sounds like you had a busy weekend! It can be a bit of a letdown coming back into the week, especially when you have something on your plate at the beginning of it. I hope your PD goes well tomorrow!


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