Fond of fonts…

SOLC #18

I arrived at the elementary school I was training at 45 minutes early. The teacher’s classroom that the meeting is held in was there before I was, which is a bit unusual. She let me into her classroom with a warm and friendly hello.

Seeing that she was working on a bulletin board, I immediately said,”I am just going to quietly prepare for my session. I hope being here doesn’t bother you.” She was more than gracious.

After I had everything set up, I looked up to see her beautiful board. She was just putting the finishing touches on the lettering. “I love your handwriting,” I exclaimed. She heartily thanked me.

Although I have been in her classroom monthly since the start of the school year, I hadn’t really closely viewed all of her posters. As I surveyed the room today, I noted all the different fonts she has used on bulletin boards and signs.

A conversation ensued about our love of lettering, fonts and handwriting. We exchanged a couple of examples of how much this fetish of ours feeds our creative souls.

I knew she was a first year teacher, but I learned this is her second career. She told me about how much she loves teaching and how different it is from her previous job.

Soon it was time for my presentation and she had a meeting to attend. We extended pleasant wishes for a good day, and I couldn’t help but smile at the new connection I made with a friend shares a fondness of fonts.


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