Positively Pink

SOLC #3 – I am not sure what I expected today – driving two hours to see my favorite aunt who is recovering from a double mastectomy. She looked good in the picture that my cousin sent me with the get well bouquet that was delivered to her earlier this week, and we have been communicating via text.

Upon our arrival, she greeted us with a warm smile, hearty hello, a sparkle in her eye ,and a lovely scarf/shawl draped around her neck and shoulders. “Air hugs! Air hugs! That’s all I can give right now!”, she said rounding her arms out in front of her mimicking a huge hug. I couldn’t not touch her so I said, “How about a kiss?” She stuck out her left cheek where I aptly gave her a big smooch.

Our visit flew by as my aunt, two cousins, husband and I sat around the dining room table filled with food, sharing stories and surprisingly, much laughter. As my aunt recounted an incident about going to the bathroom in the middle of night, her determination, grace, humor and strength radiated through her words. Tears of joy welled up in my eyes.

While I wasn’t sure what the visit would be like, I shouldn’t have been surprised at how it turned out. My aunt has always been demonstrative, hopeful and positive – overcoming breast cancer had not changed any of that. Today she was positively pink!

Pink power is not a stranger to this side of the family. My mom is a two time breast cancer survivor. My cousin and I are breast cancer survivors. And even though another one of my aunts passed away from cancer last year, she did so with dignity surrounded by her family.

To all who belong to the breast cancer survivor club and all of the family members who have supported us in our recovery – TURN UP THE PINK!


3 thoughts on “Positively Pink

  1. So glad you posted about your dignified and sweet family of pink survivors and fighters. I loved the lines when you went in to smooch her but were cautious and uncertain at the same time.


  2. The nervousness you felt as your visit with your aunt approached was conveyed straight through your words. I was amazed, saddened, and uplifted by your sharing of all in your family, including you, who have been touched by this horrible disease. There is something so powerful about sharing this story with the world, isn’t there? My best friend of 30 years battled (and won) breast cancer. I appreciate knowing there are others out there, especially in our writing community. Stay strong!


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