Two gifts

SOLC #15

I arrived at a school district meeting a few minutes early. No one is the room so I made myself comfortable and decided to check email before team members arrived. Turns out the meeting was canceled. I responded to a few more messages and headed back to my office.

If you arrive after 8:30 at my agency, you will most likely have to part in the far parking lot. The back 40 we call it. That was the case this morning. Warmer than usual, I didn’t need my gloves or to zip up my coat. Once you cross the parking lot, there is a nice sidewalk. On the left hand side is the wall of red bricks, and on the right hand side is a nice landscaped section of several cherry blossom trees in a row on the way to the main doors. The branches are bare this time of year. As I walked in enjoying the warmth and the view, I noticed a small bird on a branch of the tree closest to me. I don’t know what kind of bird it was. If my mother-in-law or husband was there, they would easily be able to identify it. I married into a birding family, so I am learning to notice distinguishing characteristics f birds. It was small enough to fit in my hand, with grey feathers and a white spot on it’s chest. The tiny chirps didn’t catch my attention, it was it’s flight pattern. It flitted to the next tree in line, and I assumed it would fly off but it didn’t. It continued to flit to the next tree at the same time I arrived at the tree. It kept in step with me all the way to the last tree before the front door. How serendipitous that this precious, little creature was flying in the same direction as I walking and at the same pace. What a fairy tale moment- like Dorothy on the yellow brick road or Alice spotting the white rabbit. Finally it flew away into the distance, and I observed that the branches of the tree were not bare, but actually had tiny buds with soft, whitish interiors at the very tips.


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