A Skinny Poem

SOLC #11

Thanks to the weekend comment challenge, I learned about a new type of poem.

Flu season is upon us
Upon us, flu season is

A parent’s wonder…

SOLC #10

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Any ballet dancers in the SOLC community? These are the positions and moves that my youngest daughter Cali is learning. She is new to art of ballet and has been dancing for four short months. Her enthusiasm is evident in her inability to sit or stand still as she is always practicing in the privacy of our home and in public. Most of her peers started before 10 years of age, which is how old Cali was when she began taking lessons. She understands that she will be in class with younger girls until she masters certain skills commensurate for her age group. A challenge that she is aggressively pursuing.

We go to the YMCA every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning for an hour. I watch her for the first 15 minutes, run around the track for a half hour and then return to her class to watch the last 15 minutes. I am in awe every time I observe her. She has made so much progress since November. There’s something about watching your kids do activities as a parent, isn’t there? Do you know the feeling and emotions I am referring to?

I had this wonder, when I nursed each of my three children in the wee hours of the morning, What activities and talents would we be driving you to, watching you, cheering you on and admiring some day? Each of them have chosen and achieved success in vastly different hobbies and passions than myself.

Aidan sings sacred and classical music in a select choir in college and has a propensity for learning multiple languages.

Madison tore up the field in soccer and bounded her way through gymnastics. Now she uses her eye for fashion in her online clothing business.

Calista, well you know that she is dancing now, but she also rides horses western style.

While I enjoy the fact that my children look like me, (Yes, my version of the mini-me syndrome.) I relish more in the fact that their talents are so wildly different than my own. It is one of the many magnificent privileges of being a parent – seeing your offspring come into their own. I am impressed with my children and the answers to my nursing wonders as their lives unfold before me!

Blended Families

SOLC #9 – A colleague of mine shared the gist of a podcast he listened to and thought I would like it and.. I do! Shout out to Clancy!

The etymology of the noun step, as in step-mom, originally meant mother of an orphan. At a time when divorce was not as common, step-parents were basically grief parents. Over the years the word evolved to mean relationships through marriage. The sweetest version Clancy heard and knew I would appreciate it is idea that a step-parent is a bonus parent.

Todd and I have been married for a year and a half. We brought three kids each into this marriage – a version of the Brady Bunch with a cat instead of a dog but no maid! Our kids range in age from 21-11. Because five out of our six children are teenagers/ young adults, and we have shared parenting plans, kiddos are coming and going from our home all the time. We love it! Even with schedules that we record and organize, on our large white board calendar in the kitchen, plans are ever changing. We have enough space, beds and food to accommodate our six plus more.

We are intentional about how we blend this family. It is our whole-hearted belief that all of our lives are enriched with the addition of siblings and parents. We plan whole group activities, as well as time alone with our own kids. Discipline is done by biological parents. I could go on with our parenting philosophy, but the bottom line is we celebrate and are so thankful for this family that we are creating. I love the concept of bonus – it describes the disposition we have in our family.

To all the bonus parents in the SOLC community – cheers to you and your precious families!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today my mom is 79 years old! She lives in San Antonio, Texas and is currently celebrating her birthday with my dad, sister and nieces and nephew. She has enjoyed a great day watching her grandson’s tennis tournament, going out to dinner, opening presents and eating cake! We haven’t been able to talk yet due to her celebratory activities, so Slice of Life friends, here is what I would say to her…

Dear Pretty Jo,

All day I have been thinking about you! Memories have ebbed and flowed from my mind. More than snapshots of family events though, I have been thinking about our relationship. It certainly has changed since my turbulent teenage years and the list of characteristics that I despised in my youth are the very traits that I admire most in you and try to emulate myself. Thank you for your prayers, generosity, support and being my biggest fan. I wish I could have celebrated with you today but I look forward to seeing you during spring break.


Daughter #1

Creative slowdown

SOLC #7 – Today is the first day in this challenge that I am challenged to find something to write about. For the past six days, inspiration rolled around my heart and my head until I could get to my computer in the evening. I didn’t need to brainstorm, use a graphic organizer or make any notes. But today is a completely different. After using a few pre-writing strategies, I am still left pondering.

There was a time in my life I journaled daily. My world was burdensome then and I wrote to find peace and clear my mind. After some major life changes, my life is now somewhere over the rainbow amazing. Now I write when I am inspired.

Perhaps that is why I struggle today. If I weren’t in the SOLC, I would not choose to write today.

With any habit that you are trying to establish, the discipline of doing it even when you don’t feel like it is something to overcome. So for this reason, I will submit a post about writers block.

Hopeful for more imagination tomorrow…

Fit Bit Nation


Keeping track of data for my first week

Why didn’t it record my stages of sleep?

Steps and badges for reaching my goals

What other features does this watch hold?

Notifications for emails and texts

Does this data make other folks fret?

Rarely ever do I drink enough water

Why does my husband say he created a monster?

I still haven’t recorded the food that I eat

If I do, will my experience be more complete?

I charge my watch daily while taking a shower.

How can I take 250 steps every hour?

My Fit Bit Versa is a gift to explore

Can I figure out how to make it do more?

Fat Tuesday


When I walked in the house after a long day of work, I immediately inhaled the warm scent of food. Something was just fried on the stove top. As I made my way into the kitchen, I saw my amazing husband putting the finishing touches on a Fat Tuesday meal! I tend not to eat very well on the days that I conduct all day trainings, thus I was starving but the allure of this dinner was more than hunger. Mardi Gras is not a tradition that we celebrate and southern cooking is not in our repertoire of go to family recipes. He neatly plated and served me a dish of cornmeal crusted catfish, grits, red beans and rice and tomato wedges. Then to top it off, he made bananas foster for dessert!

Todd’s culinary creation tonight inspired the following list poem based on the poetry mentor text – I’m Talking Big! by Colin McNaughton.

I'm talking delicious!
I'm talking scrumptious!
I'm talking distinctive, delightful,
Full-flavored and good-tasting.
Appetizing, satisfying, gratifying.
I'm talking palatable, flavorful,
I'm talking impressive!
I'm talking delicious!